Burner control system CFK burner control system is a device that ignites and monitor the flame in the industrial gas burners with continuous service, with self-test function of the detection circuit. CFK is available with single control or double control for valves. Flame detection can be done via a single rod, two rods or UV […]



Quantometers for Gas CPT Quantometers are non fiscal turbine and rotary gas meters. Quantometers are usually adopted in industrial systems to control and optimize gas consumption.


VSG type is a globe valve for gas suitable for inline installation and end-of-the-line mounting. The inner globe is manufactured with a full and straight gas passage that results in low pressure drop and limited generation of turbulence. VSG is usually supplied with manual lever but it can be operated by various actuators. Special versions […]


Proof of closure switch The PCS is a mechanically activated switch for monitoring the position of the valve plate. This device can be fitted to valves and actuators. It is designed in accordance with norm EN161 to detect the closed status. The compact, robust and functional design permits a simple and quick installation even on […]


The PSG 901 is an adjustable pressure switch for monitoring overpressure of air and non-aggressive gases (families 1-2-3 EN437). The pressure switch is available in different pressure ranges, all with male threaded connection G1/4. Special versions are available for use with aggressive gases. The compact, robust and functional design permits a simple, quick, and essentially […]


Pressure gauges for Gas MG pressure gauges are robust instrument suitable for fast measurement on site. MG are available with display dimension Ø63, Ø80 and Ø100. A button valve type ME can be installed to prevent damages due to pressure surges.