Control Valves


Linear modulating valves Modulating valves LMV are used in combustion processes that require linear adjustment of air or gas flow. The flow varies proportionally to the opening angle of inner mechanism, therefore flowrate is very predictable. The valve can be operated with stage control (3-point, MZ3 servomotor) or with continuous modulation (analogue signals, MZ5 servomotor). […]


Butterfly valves for air and gas  VF, VFT and VFH butterfly valves are designed for regulation and control of air and gas flow. Valves can be operated manually using a lever (to setup the high-fire rate of the burner) or automatically using a servomotor (modulating or staged control) or a solenoid actuator (two-stage control). The setting […]


Solenoid valves for combustion air regulation The VRA/VLA/VTA types are normally closed solenoid valves for cold combustion air regulation. When the coil is not energized the spring works on the disc, keeping the adjusted minimum passage of air. When powering the coil the valve opens, moving the disc to the maximum open position. When power […]


Solenoid actuator for butterfly valves Solenoid actuators are designed to operate VF and VFH butterfly valves. When the coil is not energized the inner spring pushes down the plunger and, by means of a gear mating, shifts the connected valve to the minimum opening position. When the coil is powered the plunger moves up fast (SR) […]


Servomotor for control valves  Servomotors MZ are designed to operate VF, VFT and VFH butterfly valves and LMV linear modulating valves. MZ2 and MZ3 types are suitable for basic adjusting position, operated by cams connected to driving shaft. MZ5 type is suitable for advanced adjusting position, controlled by analogue signals with very high positioning precision. MZ5 […]