R-RS -125

Medium pressure gas regulators

R… type products are pressure regulators for gaseous media, suitable for all types of gas consuming appliances.

R-125 models are high pressure devices with inlet pressure till 10 bar or 12.5 bar.

RS-125 is a regulator that integrates a safety shut-off valve.

In order to assure the safest working conditions, shut-off valve and regulating member are totally independent.

Max inlet pressure 10 bar (LP and MP output) or 12.5 bar (HP output).

20 bar inlet on request.

Outlet pressure:
Low / Medium pressure 15 … 400 mbar*
High pressure 400 … 2000 mbar* (up to 4000 mbar on request)
(*) depending on spring


GGGRp1 ... Rp2

Working Pressure and Accuracy

10 bar / 12.5 bar

Gas Type

Air and non-aggressive gases (Family 1-2-3, EN 437)
Special version for Biogas / aggressive media


Manufactured and tested according to norm EN 334 and EN 14382


Technical Sheet Download File