Gas pressure regulators with filter and safety shut- off valve

The R… type products are pressure regulators for gaseous media, suitable for all types of gas consuming appliances.
RAG is air/gas ratio control (1:1) for combustion processes. It is provided with adjustable offset spring (+/-3mbar) and adjustable bypass. It is also usable as zero-pressure governor.

All models are equipped with compensation diaphragm to assure high accuracy and are designed to perform lock-up function.

(**) in progress


AlSi Rp3/4 … Rp2

Working pressure

0 … 500mbar

Gas Type

Air and non-aggressive gases (Family 1-2-3, EN 437)
Special version for Biogas / aggressive media

Approvals **

EC-type tested and certified according to norm EN88-1 and 88-2 and directive 97/23/EC.


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