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Elektrogas goes green to help you doing the same!

Elektrogas goes green to help you doing the same!

Hydrogen is a very interesting element because opens a variety of new perspectives about our future, including combustion.

Yet, its use in firing processes is challenging and must be analysed carefully, as present design/safety norms of combustion systems are focused on traditional fuel gas, while H2 molecule is very small and can generate higher gas leakages than what expected with more common fuels.

Gas leaks and high flammability are a delicate combination, therefore a proper risk assessment must be carried on to assure an adequate level of safety in the plants.

Elektrogas is proud to take part to global development of use of hydrogen, and has decided to support the customer in the reduction of the risk launching a special version of products.

As premise, we clarify that standard version of the Elektrogas products can be used with a low H2 concentration in the gas mixture, up to 20% (safe) and up to 40% (at own risk).

For H2 percentages higher than 20% up to 100%, the risk of leakages becomes more relevant due to molecular characteristics of hydrogen, and so the use of the special version is very highly recommended.

That special version is subject to very specific procedures during production and testing and is called HF.

As validation of HF suitability to use with 100% Hydrogen, tightness has been successfully tested by a CE Notified Body considering limits as per EN161 – EN13611.

As the same approach to development, manufacturing and testing has been used for the entire product range, based on this third-party declaration Elektrogas as manufacturer can confirm the suitability of almost all products for use with H2.

Please note that ATEX features are often required for use with hydrogen. This special ATEX design is also available from Elektrogas.

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