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MZ servomotors – new generation COMING SOON

MZ servomotors – new generation COMING SOON

For further details, come and visit us @ Thermprocess 2023 – Duesseldorf, Germany 12-16 June

We exhibit on 09 F60

MZ4 – 2 point / 3 point control servomotor

MZ4 servomotor, as evolution of MZ2 and MZ3, keeps alive all the features of its predecessors and adds several further benefits that include: new operation modes (i.e. digital inputs), longer lifetime (brushless motor), flexibility in after-sale activity and commissioning (several parameters can be changed in field), stock advantages (rationalization of model variants).

MZ4A – analog control servomotor

MZ4A servomotor extends the working possibilities of MZ4, including all the features of MZ4 and adding the control mode operated with analog signals for input and feedback. MZ4A is a potential successor for most of the appliances that presently utilize MZ5.

MZ7 – advanced servomotor

Designed to be the ultimate servomotor, MZ7 embraces the philosophy of maximum flexibility about operation modes and customization of working parameters. The easiness in managing settings and collecting data is assured with Wi-Fi connection (IoT ready).

MZ7 largely overtakes the capabilities of its predecessor MZ5 and sets a new reference point in the sector.

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