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Q2 burner control unit – COMING SOON

Q2 burner control unit – COMING SOON

For further details, come and visit us @ Thermprocess 2023 – Duesseldorf, Germany 12-16 June

We exhibit on 09 F60

Q2 – Parametric control unit

Q2 gives to engineers, burner manufacturers and furnace builders the ultimate solution for the control of any burner technology:

single stage direct ignition, multistage, on/off or modulating, flameless, staged gas, staged air, recuperative, regenerative, etc.

Beyond large variety of possible factory settings, most of working parameters can be adjusted to fit any special need.

Q2 is configurable with dedicated app and is an IIoT ready device, connectable via fieldbus and Wi-Fi.

Main features:

Permanent operation with electro-optical shutter.

2nd flame detection with UV sensor.

Management of 4 fuel valves.

Valve proving system (tightness control).

Control of purging and modulation by means of 3-points actuator with preset positions and remote modulation control.

Built-in fieldbus control, IIoT ready, Wi-Fi server.

Low air / Low fuel pressure switches.

Proof of closure input.

Air valve or fan output.

On-board ignition transformer.

Suitability to High-temperature operation (indirect flame surveillance, flameless operation, etc.).

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