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60 years of history: milestones

1961 – Elettromeccanica DELTA s.p.a. was founded in Arcade (TV) with the aim of designing and manufacturing oil burners with mechanical atomization.

1969 – DELTA becomes manufacturer of gear pumps for fuel oil in cooperation with Fuelmaster Mfg Co. (NL). Deltapumps brand is established and in short time gets a remarkable market share on national and export market.

1981 – DELTA gives birth to Elektrogas brand and enters the sector of gas appliances with a wide range of safety solenoid valves.

1996 – DELTA achieves CE certification for Deltapumps and Elektrogas ranges and UNI EN ISO 9001 certification for quality management.

2011 – Elektrogas range celebrates 30 years in the market, with a product portfolio that now includes control valves, filters, gas regulators, servomotors, combustion controllers.

2016 – New manufacturing site is buit in Arcade to fullfill the growing demand of Elektrogas products.

Today – Elettromeccanica DELTA, with its brands Elektrogas and Deltapumps, is a proud manufacturer of safety and control products for gas firing systems and fuel oil appliances, successfully installed in more than 60 countries in the world.

Safety and Quality: essential requirements

The awareness that quality depends on every single aspect, has focused our attention on implementing the strictest control procedures, to assure the conformity of any single component to project requirements.

This approach has been made possible thanks to continuous investments in technical knowledge and to the renewal of production equipment together with testing and measuring systems.

Our Quality System has been accredited to the international standard ISO 9001 and our Products approved by the relevant International Certification Bodies. These achievements concur to the final guarantee of a high quality standard.

Always, the quality of the final product and/or the supplied service will be of paramount importance to us.

Our Green Side

Elektrogas firmly believes in a cleaner future.
The utmost efforts are employed to support environment protection.


Hydrogen is the most widely spread element in the Universe.

It will certainly be a resource in the challenge we must win for a cleaner world.

Elektrogas is ready to seize the opportunity that Hydrogen offers us to safeguard our Planet.

Discover details about our HF special version, suitable for use with 100% Hydrogen!

Environment-Friendly Products

Elektrogas products support environmental friendly approach commensing from project design, going forward to working functions and closing the cycle with an end-of-life characterized by an easy recyclability.

Products are indeed designed with the main objective of using recyclable materials, avoiding plastics as much as possible, and assembled in a way that helps the separation of the parts in the recycling processes.

In order to reduce impact of carbon footprint, their features include specific characteristics to minimize power consumption of the product itself (i.e. solenoids with power-cut systems) and to support fuel saving techniques like high-frequency pulse-firing.

Moreover, special versions have been implemented to be used with green fuels like Biogas or Hydrogen.

Environment-Friendly Process

Elektrogas has been evolving its company structure in alignment to eco-friendly approach:

Company has been taking inspiration from principles of norm EN 14001, despite of not being explicitly certified; installation of solar pannels was completed in 2016 with capacity of about 95 tons CO2 breakdown per year; a new widening of solar pannel surface is scheduled for the near future; production phases that are characterized by high consumption and / or by potential pollution (i.e. painting) have been phased out and replaced with lower impact processes; packing of goods has been redesigned to reduce the use of plastic and foam, now replaced by more sustainable materials such as paper cushions; suppliers are asked to ship goods using “green packings” as much as possible.


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