With filter and safety shut-off valve of the gas regulator

R series … class regulator for a variety of gas gas equipment.
RFS is equipped with plate filter and safety shut-off valve of the regulator, in order to achieve the safest working conditions, shut-off valves and control elements are completely independent.
All categories with a compensation diaphragm to ensure high accuracy and is designed for the locking function.

Maximum inlet pressure of 500 mbar
outlet pressure 8..260mbar *
accuracy: A grade

Maximum inlet pressure of 6 bar
outlet pressure 13..650 mbar *
accuracy: AC10 or 20 * – SG30

Close the valve
minimum 8..80 mbar *
maximum 35..1000 mbar *
Ag20 or 30 *

(*), As the spring case
(**) in progress


AlSi Rp3/4 … Rp2
DN40 … DN80**


0 … 500 mbar
0 … 6 bar


空气和非腐蚀性气体 (家庭 1-2-3, EN 437)

合格证明 **

EN通过 88-1 / 97/23 EC方针检验并证明此产品。


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