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Delta Elektrogas Product Portfolio

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Safety shut-off valve for gas fast opening
Safety shut-off valve for gas slow opening
Safety shut-off multiple valve for gas fast/slow opening
Safety shut-off motorized valve for gas slow opening fast closing​
Tightness check for gas trains
Burner control units for gas firing appliances
Proportional flow control valves
Solenoid actuators for control valves fast/slow opening fast/slow closing
Analogue or 2-point or 3-point gear motors
Solenoid valves for air control fast/slow opening fast/slow closing
Needle Valves with mechanical adjustment
Medium pressure regulators for gas with optional SSOV
1:1 Air-to-gas ratio controller​
Low pressure regulators with optional filter​
NO automatic reset vent valve fast opening fast closing
Overpressure relief valve for gas
NC/NO manual reset safety valve for gas fast closing
High filtering capacity gas filters
Gear pumps for oil burners and oil transfer units


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