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Safety Solenoid Valves

NC/NO manual reset safety valve for gas fast closing

The EVRM-NA –NC type valve is a manual reset safety valve for gas.

A manual operation is necessary to open the valve while shut off is completely automatic and operated by solenoid.

This type of device, connected with one or more leakage detectors or alarm signals for the presence of carbon monoxide or any other type of alarm system that can operate a power supply, is suitable for performing  locking operations on the gas line.

Technical Data


CuZn Rp3/8 … G1
AlSi Rp3/8 … Rp2½
DN40 … DN300

Operating pressure

0 … 600 mbar
0 … 6 bar

Gas type

Air and non-aggressive gases (Family 1-2-3, EN 437)


EC-type tested and certified according to EN 161 and 97/23/EC


Technical Sheet


CE Certifications

EAC Certificates

Further Certificates

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