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Valve Proving Systems

Tightness check for gas trains

LD tightness control design, composed of automation shutoff valves, verifies the absence of inadmissible leaks in gas trains.

The check can be started before igniting the gas burner or after it stops. This device is used in industrial firing processes and forced draught burners (when power exceeds 1200 kW, according to EN 746-2 and EN 676).

LD1 is the basic version of the electronic control, driven by a dedicated microchip.

LD-LDM upgraded versions include electronic control integrated with optional pressure switches, auxiliary valves, and metal housing.

Technical Data

Main Features

Adjustable test duration time

Adjustable start instant (Set the test to start before the operation starts or after the operation ends)

Optional external programming terminal

Gas type

Air and non-aggressive gases (Family 1-2-3, EN 437)
Special version for Biogas/COG


Designed and tested according to EN1643


Technical Sheet


Declaration Of Conformity

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