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Special Applications

Taylor-made projects

Chemical Industry

Pump for dosing and mixing of
aggressive chemical substances.

– Capacity 60 Kg/h @ 1400 RPM
– Pressure 10-40 bar
– Fluid viscosity 8800 cps

Hydraulic Operators

Transfer oil pump fitted into hydraulic
operators for swing-leaf gates.

– Capacity 20-70 L/h @2800 rpm
– Pressure 10-40 bar
– Temperature -20°C/+80°C

Automotive Heating

Fuel oil pump integrated into a small
water heater for motor vehicles

– Heating capacity 24-35 kW
– Electric motor 24 VDC
– Temperature -40°C/+85°C
– Integrated solenoid valve
– Pre-heated nozzle holder

Military Applications

Low pressure fuel pump fitted
in a special oil burner designed
for U.S. Army.

– Heating capacity 8.8-23.5 kW
– Less than 10 ppm CO
– Temperature -15°C/+60°C
– Self priming, high lift, single line


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